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Crypto Podiums

About this collection

ERC 721

Crypto Podiums is an NFT game where 100 crypto currencies challenge each other to market cap, circulating supply and price competitions. Each NFT represents a podium with 3 crypto currencies, these are the unique contenders for each challenge. Mint your lucky podium and wait for the challenge day, or buy your favorite podium in the open market.

Sell your podium back to us for up to 1000x the mint price! How? Win challenges and collect up to 6 points per NFT, Podiums with at least 3 points will receive a buy back offer.

Collect 1 point if you have a special background, 2 points if you have a trophy in your podium and 1 point for each challenge you win (market cap, price and supply).

The challenge day is 31/12/2023 and to win a challenge your NFT must have the correct ranking based on the market conditions on the challenge day. For example a Podium with "1st BTC", "2nd ETH" and "3rd BNB" wins the price challenge if BTC price > ETH > BNB, and so on.

Buy back offers. NFT with 3 points: 0.08 ETH. NFT with 4 points: 0.8 ETH. NFT with 5 points: 8 ETH. NFT with 6 points: 16 ETH.

Take some time to read our the Crypto Podiums game rules and buy back offers on our website!

Available items88,888