Crypto Opera

On Crypto Opera, each piece is one of a kind. Here the World of Classical Music is the inspirational Muse of the unstoppable blockchain.

Opera portrayed by an Opera Singer: I hadn't drawn for more than 20 years, I studied Art in Chile at the end of the 90's. Then I discovered my possibilities as an Opera singer when I was discovered in 2001. I started my career in 2006 debuting in Bologna in Italy, since then I have sung in the whole world for almost 20 years, London, Verona, Hong Kong, Washington, Sao Paulo, Zurich, Munich, Mumbai and the list is endless. Today with the time that this limitation of being at home provides me, away from the stages with the global Pandemic, I have resumed my first passion for Art and here we are, combining my love for my two creative reasons in life: Opera and art.


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La Divina