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Collie Buddz Twisted Tree Frog Massive

While it seems as though our world has been flipped sideways, these crazy and pleasantly loud Twisted Tree Frog Massive have been in the metaverse enjoying life to the fullest! Only 5,555 of them have tickets to the festival of life and they are ready to party with good vibes, good weed, and whatever anyone else brings to the session. It’s been a crazy few years, so who can blame them! Catching one of these lil’ froggers will provide the token holder a waterfall of utilities in both our world and theirs. Don’t miss your chance to mint your concert sidekick and get ready to party like it’s 2019 with good music and good vibes.

TTFM is a collection of 5,555 Non-Fungible Tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain. These unique collectibles offer multiple layers of utility redeemable for physical and digital assets. Each NFT doubles as a membership card to the Tree Frog community, and grants access to a waterfall of ongoing members only benefits.

Mar 2022
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