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Collaborative Tic-Tac-Toe Boards - Board 01

Collaborative Tic Tac Toe allows up to 9 users to collaborate together to create a final tic-tac-toe board layout.

Purchasing an item in this collection grants you the right to specify (play) one cell on the board.

When each user who has purchased a token have specified their cells, a unique board is created, minted and delivered to the address of current holders of these tokens.

This board is board #1 and, because it's the first game, will likely fetch higher resale prices IF a resale market develops for these. But, there's no guarantee that a resale market will develop for these.

*** About The Boards ***

The layout of the final board is random based on each players' choices.

There is no way to predict the outcome of the board layout.

No board design will be used twice.

Thus, between the design and the layout you and 8 other participants will receive a copy of a unique (x 9) board as a result of your collaboration.

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Sep 2021
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