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Chick Apollo Space Center

Once upon at the Kennedy Space Center, on July 16th 1969, a little chick is born. He looks up and sees the full Moon... "Mom!" is his instinctive call at the beautiful sight.

Nearby, a rocket touches the Moon and the chick he just need to climb it to be reunited with his family, among the stars... Soon, ignition announces the amazing journey of Chick Apollo as he joins the Apollo 11 crew in their quest to be the first to Moon-land. The rest is history...

To celebrate this technological feast, Pas Calarts wrote "The tale of Chick Apollo" which became the material inspiring kindergarten to start an educational program now know as Chick Apollo Space Center.

The Chick Apollo Space Center NFTs are a tribute to the intuition of the children in imagining and painting means of space travel "without flame, smoke or pointy vehicles". Amazing engineering for crafts able to venture where every one seek to be... the pure soul of a child.

Visit and become that soul.

Jan 2023
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