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Cheesy Snacks

Cheesy Snacks are the first corn chip on the blockchain. If you're like us, whenever you eat a savory, cheesy snack, you wish it was a never ending bag. Now, you can have your corn chips and eat them too. Take solace in knowing that even if you eat all your snacks, a Cheesy Snack remains in perpetuity.

Each Cheesy Snack in this drop is a handpicked chip from a bag of corn chips produced by a leading manufacturer of corn-based ephemera. Each was photographed, artfully rendered, and then promptly consumed by our Head of Supply Chain and Consumption. No being known to the universe can reproduce the specific Snack you purchase– ever. The technology simply does not exist for such a reconstruction, we've checked.

Cheesy Snacks will continue to produce high-quality non-fungibles from cheese flavored items in the future, released in limited numbers, but this will always be remembered in perpetuity as the original Cheesy Snack.

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Nov 2021
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