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Casts of a wait for relocation, disappeared

A few years ago I had a temporary studio in the basement of a refugee center. Together we created castings in plaster. I had a vague idea of an installation with hundreds of castings, , but in the moment we worked without any other purpose than the act of making something. Sometimes the work itself seemed to function as a moment of sanctuary.

After a few months I had to travel away. When I returned a month later the facility had been closed down and all the hundreds of people who used to live at the center had been relocated. The hole building had been emptied and our temporary art studio had been totally cleaned out.

All I had left was a few random photos of some of the castings and a few moulds that at the time accidentally had been lying in my car.

In an attempt to preserve what was no longer there, or try to remember that moment of sanctuary, I minted the photos of the lost casts into NFTs.


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