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100 Calaveritas

100 Calaveritas is a collection of 100 "Calaveritas" or Sugar Skull a tradition held in México to celebrate Day of the Dead. Each calaverita in this collection is unique and limited to a single copy.

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All over Mexico, people paint their faces as incredibly beautiful skulls to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The skull face paint represents their ancestors who have passed on and celebrates the beauty and necessity of death. La Catrina is the name used by the women of Mexico when they paint their faces to resemble skulls.

The culture of "La Calaverita" or sugar skull has ties to political satire and is also a well-kept tradition as the original was inspired by the polarizing reign of dictator Porfirio Díaz. Díaz is lauded for modernizing and bringing financial stability to Mexico, but he also led his government in repression, corruption, and excess, and had an apparent obsession with European materialism and culture.

Feb 2021
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