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Butterflies Museum

The Butterflies Museum is a collection of 500 handcrafted 1 of 1 NFT real butterflies created in collaboration with BitColors. The collection displays real butterflies in a frame, with the name signed according to international classification. All the NFTs have been drawn by me manually, without using image generators and neural networks. Each butterfly is unique. In each drop will represent butterflies from the Red List of Threatened Species. They will have a dark red frame and will be a limited release of no more than 10% of the total number of NFTs in each drop. The butterflies in the black frame will cost more than the others, as they represent extinct species that will never be seen again but are guaranteed to be preserved in the memory of mankind in the form of the NFT. There will be a limited of 1-2 in each drop. Art created by nature itself deserves a place in the blockchain collections of the future.

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Oct 2021
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