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Bring Back NFTs

Meet Funky Fingers, a virtuoso blues musician and world champion rock-paper-scissors player. Passionate about NFTs and their potential, Funky Fingers feels the weight of the NFT space’s bear market. A sudden spark of inspiration leads him to call his old bandmate Frankie Strings in an attempt to reunite their band.

However, there’s a catch: Frankie is hesitant, unsure about the proposition. To tip the scales, Funky Fingers proposes a Rock Paper Scissors challenge. If he wins, the band gets back together; if he loses, the plan falls through.

The unfolding story promises to continue!

The essence of “Bring Back NFTs” lies in rejuvenating the NFT space with a touch of soul and funk. We all love the core fundamentals and potential of what NFTs can be. We all want the NFTs back and now is the time to bring em back. But this is just the beginning of something bigger yet to come.

Featuring a limited supply of 1600, these NFTs will be available for an affordable minting price through a first-come, first-served basis. 100 will be set aside for giveaways and promotional use.

Holders of these NFTs will delve into play-to-earn activities while uncovering a distinctive burn mechanism. However, consider this a hushed revelation! 🤫

Nov 2023
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