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ERC 721

Are NFTs dead? 🪦

3D collectible project bRAinZbRidGe thinks there's still hope, but is testing one last twisted experiment just to be sure... 🧪

With a rich lore, lengthy roadmap, 3d prints, lucrative trait rewards and a community filled with degenerates - bRAinZbRidGe is undeniably THE most authentic Web3 project launching since 2021 🚀

Upon reZurrecting (or minting) one of our NFTs, the bRAinZbRidGe Campus will be your playground, and your JPEG will be your golden ticket - although, instead of a chocolate factory full of Oompa Loompas you have a discord filled with brainless deGenZ on a journey of enlightenment and self-improvement guided by their wicked Professor: Dr. bRaiNz 🧠


Items minted3,333
Welcome to the bRAinZbRidGe Campus! 🎓

Each NFT minted will reZurrect the deGenZ out of the ether and into the bRAinZbRidGe class of '23. Your NFT's will serve as an interdimensional pass to the bRAinZbRidGe universe and campus. As a test subject in our experiment, you automatically become eligible for exclusive giveaways, rewards and unique digital & tangible holder benefits.

Trait Rewards and Exclusive access to Phygital Figurines, Merch and Unique items✨
Trait Rewards Explained:

Each of our golden traits have unique perks and valuable benefits 🏆

✨ Some of these benefits include . . . 3D Printed NFT Replicas, Free Yearly subscription of Creative softwares, Free Headphones, Exclusive Merch and more TBA! ✨

Trait rewards can be redeemed through our website after they are unlocked on the roadmap 🔒

The deGenZ Dilemma…

In a world consumed by the darker side of the digital realm, Dr. bRAinZ, a former professor at HODL Academy, fell victim to the allure of the NFT space, creating the deGenZ - an army of zombie-like creatures driven by the thrill of high-risk investments. Overwhelmed by the chaos he unleashed, Dr. bRAinZ sought redemption by transforming the now-abandoned HODL Academy into bRAinZbRidGe, a sanctuary for rehabilitating the deGenZ. Through education and self-reflection, the deGenZ embraced their potential for good and learned the importance of balancing digital and physical connections. Now a symbol of hope, bRAinZbRidGe University stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the resilience of the human spirit in a digital era.

The full story can be uncovered in our discord:

Team of 2 🦾

Since mid-2021 self-taught developer and 2D creative, Luxis (@studied) and full-time professional 3D artist, Zark (@tangible) have been non-stop building Brainzbridge as a passion-project ontop of working their daytime jobs. Despite all the noise, bearmarkets, and FUD circulating NFTs, for the last year or so, they have been laser-focused on creating a unique project with quality art. They believe their dedication to Brainzbridge will be a force that drives and inspires other low-key founders to learn the skills necessary to build and create a project from scratch 🛠️