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Bored Shiba Degen Club

Mint sold out

About this collection

Bored Shiba Degen Club are a bunch of Degens just hangin out on Twitter all day. Your Bored Shiba allows you entry to our Degen Discord Member Only Areas. 🚀🚀🚀

Whitelist is now closed! Public Mint has started!

THE SPECS Each Bored Shiba is a degen and generated from over 180 possible traits, including, mouth, headwear, clothing, and more. All shibas are degens, but some just pump more than others. There will be a total supply of 10,000 with the team doing a mint of 500.

DEGENS FOLLOW DEGEN! Shorthand for Degenerate. Degen trading or Degen mode is when a trader does trading without due diligence and research, aping into signals and FOMO into pumps. A Degen Trader does not know about metrics like FDV or TVL nor do they care.

They will buy because the asset logo looks cute, or because the slogan is memeable, or because some twit-famous anime girl on the internet says she’s looking into crypto and the first two shill comments gets more likes than others.

Essentially, a degen trader buys into an asset not because they see value, rather they do so with the belief that others will join in after them and speculate on the price swings.

The roadmap will be tweaked and built as the community comes together.

Together Shibas are strong, alone we are just degens.

Welcome to the club!

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Mint sold out
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