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Bored Punks of Society

The pioneering and world-class Filipino NFT brand in the metaverse. Consisted of our three main pillars: our passionate community, our iconic NFTs, and our progressive movement. All of these solidifying our vision on making an impact in our society.

Bored Punks of Society NFT is a status symbol and prestige in the Philippine crypto scene. Our value expands far wider than just being an avatar-NFT in the digital world, for we are a movement bringing social awareness on a grand vision of educating and onboarding people in this emerging space of crypto and investing, paving the way for crypto and NFT adoption in the Philippines, and making an impact on our society by helping bridge the gap to financial literacy nationally and internationally.

Our value is more than our NFT alone. Our value is based on how much impact we bring, as a community, inside and outside of crypto and unto our society.

Join the movement. Join Bored Punks of Society.

Dec 2021
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