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About this collection

ERC 721

BloontoonZ began when we remember the childhood at that time, we playing balloon air also we see those doodles at the PC, and then when we started to mix those images on computer aggregation, it became a full-time obsession. The project escalated about a year started on the middle 2022 passed creative outburst where we combined the images with programmatically generated art. The result is 7.777 unique DNA BloontoonZ.

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0.8% minted59 / 7,777
The balloon creature is out of the universe.

Who is this 7,777 BloontoonZ ?

The BlooZ! emerge between the images and a computer program. Through generating and inspecting samples of BloontoonZ for several months we gradually identified suggestive personalities that helped us define who the BloontoonZ were.

Starting the production on the procedurally generated BlooZ and the smart contract for minting.

The BloontoonZ

BloontoonZ emerge through an iterative partership between images and computer aggregation. images visualised by a program.

After repeating this process for over hundread traits, personality types, variety range, optimal color combinations and shapes are understood and honed in on. BloontoonZ represent a finely tuned selection.