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BLOCKHEADS by harvmcm

About this collection

ERC 721

BLOCKHEADS, by Harvmcm is a series of 122 unique collectibles. BLOCKHEADS follows the successful BLOCKS by harvmcm project on the Ethereum chain.

BLOCKHEADS is Harvmcm's genesis on the Polygon chain.

Items minted250

The newest instalment into the world of BLOCKS.

BLOCKHEADS explore the BLOCKS style in a playful and expressive way. The floating heads are full of emotion and character.

BLOCKHEADS is Harvmcm's Polygon genesis.

What is 'BLOCKS'?

'BLOCKS' is the name for Harvmcm's signature art style. 'BLOCKS' is a geometric art style created by Harvmcm during COVID in early 2020. It has since evolved into an artistic language that has been seen in places such as Times Square in New York and SXSW, to name a few.

'BLOCKS' is best known for 'BLOCKS by harvmcm', a collection of 1000 unique pieces launched in February of 2022. The collection has amassed over 350ETH of secondary volume and connected with hundreds of collectors.

BOLD BLOCKS, BANNER BLOCKS, BONUS BLOCKS and now BLOCKHEADS have followed. Creating a wide portfolio of art for collectors and friends to engage with.

The BLOCKS Community

A community of art enjoyers, collectors and now friends. The BLOCKS community has grown over the last year into a close knit group who all love BLOCKS and art. Harv and the team strive to bring as much excitement into the community as possible, whether that's from free collections such as BANNER BLOCKS, games or just general day to day chat.

We cant wait to take our first steps into the Polygon network and connect with a whole new community of people!