Blasphemous Art

What began as an irreverent and humorous way to blaspheme against Hindu Goddesses, has now transformed into frequent installments of the sexiest blasphemy you’ve ever seen!

Atheist Republic’s Blasphemous Art project sends numerous powerful messages, wrapped in a sexy package. When we blaspheme, we actively participate in breaking taboos and normalizing dissent. We are also taking up the mantle of challenging the draconian blasphemy laws that are on

In September 2020, many Hindus were angered by my art of a sexy version of the Hindu deity Kali. Vinod Bansal of the Universal Hindu Council filed a report against me with the Delhi Police and Mumbai Police for allowing blasphemous content to be featured on Twitter. An Indian attorney filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) before the Supreme Court to hold social media companies directly responsible for the content on their platform, naming me as a reason that the government should establish expert officers that investigate "hate speech."

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