Black Slags by Juerg Casserini

Fine black crystalline copper slag on black sprayed canvas with acrylic colors in white, saffron yellow and blue with small fragment of natural white/brown coral.

Dumping or disposal of such huge quantities of slag cause environmental and space problems. During the past two decades’ attempts have been made by several researchers and copper producing units all over the world to explore the possible utilisation of copper slag. The favourable physical-mechanical characteristics of copper slag predestine it to make products like cement, filler, ballast, abrasive aggregate, roofing granules, glass, tiles etc. allowing to recover the valuable metals by various extractive metallurgical routes.

Black copper slag is a stony waste matter separated from metals during smelting or refining of copper ore. It contains materials like iron, alumina, calcium oxide, silica, and others. For every ton of metal produced about 2.2 tons of slag is generated.

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