Bit Birds

A fun learning project and homage to the OG CryptoPunks. Exploring programmatic image generation with Python.

Looking for a sweet, unique, crypto profile pic? These are the avian avatars for you!

Don't want to take out a mortgage to get yourself a punk? Great, the first 750 birds are 0.05 ETH!

Not into celebrities jumping on the NFT train? Super, I agree; I'm just a random dude learning to program... and jumping on the NFT train!

Here's how it works: The cap on birds is 1500. All have been minted! The first 750 cost 0.05 and the second 750 ramped in price.

The code is open sourced, and there is a youtube tutorial on how it works!

Programmatically generated, manually minted one-by-one with love!

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