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Behind The Curtain 69

What is certainly true about NFTs, and what appealed to us, is that they reach young people who are rather distant from the mainstream art world. At the same time, this target group is overwhelmed by stereotypical pornography on free websites like no generation before them. This flood of pornographic images also creates a great pressure to imitate these models in their own sexuality, even if it does not meet their own needs in any way. Moreover, this pornography is particularly boring.

We want to counter this with the concept of eroticism, which instead comes up with a variety of experiments. We can only talk about freedom when the young audience discovers their own erotic imagination in order to do or not do what they desire.

To achieve this, the first couple, in some places also called Eve and Adam, is telling a story how they managed to keep their relationship alive and exciting - while in paradise – us nowadays while in lockdown.

@KMENTEMT = Eugen KMENT & Christopher TEMT

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