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Bear Market Buds

WHAT THE FUCK ARE BEAR MARKET BUDS? A free bud to hold your hand while you cry yourself to sleep at night after spending all your money on shitty jpegs…

YOU REALLY WANT MORE FUCKING INFO? They’re fucking free NFT’s. If you don’t know what an NFT is don’t fucking get one. FREE?

SUPPLY? 6969. We’re degens what did you expect?

UTILITY? FREE SHIT. Literally. 48 hours after mint out all the stupid fucks still holding this NFT can come claim another piece of shit NFT from us for FREE for how ever many buds you hold.

MORE FUCKING UTILITY? Get us out our mom’s basement and we’ll drop a fucking a coin to free claim if you own 3 buds. Maybe we won’t have to suck Vitalik’s dick to get us out of this bear market after all. Will buds be our ticket out of this fucking hole? Probably not…but we’re pessimistic fucks.

ROADMAP? The only road we’re on is the road to depression in this fucking market. Ask us again when we’re not broke.

Jun 2022
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