Bappi Lahiri The Disco King

Bappi Lahiri - The Disco King - World-famous music composer, singer and record producer.   'Bappi Da' once said "Gold has been very lucky for me. Most of the jewelry that I wear is spiritual pendants. I have one which was given to me by my mom. It is a thick gold chain with Ganeshji pendant. This was given after my first film Zakhmee right after Lataji sung my song in that album. Since then I have been fascinated by gold. I am also the fan of Elvis, so I ended up with the bling. God has been very kind to me and all the pendants I wear are symbolic of all the special events in my life. They were given by my mom, my wife, and my children. It came with a lot of “dua” (meaning Prayer). Gold has nothing to do with my personality. I am a spiritual person and I want to be known as a good human to all. That is what matters to me.

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