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NFA Art Edition I. - BAERI, my only best friend

Id, Ego, and Superego; and don't forget "BÄRI*, my only best friend".

The NFT edition "BÄRI, my only best friend" by Mäschi (*1988 Berne, Switzerland) is based on the WWF panda plush toy, which the artist received as a gift from a doctor colleague of his father's for his birth. The plush toy was given the name "BÄRI". All NFT works of the first NFA Art Edition by Mäschi are based on the original BÄRI as a 3D scan. The edition deals with the artist's personal childhood. The six different versions can also be understood as different facets of childhood. In addition to the fact that time is visually materialized in the plush toy, transience also confronts us as viewers as a memento mori. Structure and surface not only become visible but can also be experienced on a meta-level. Above all, the focus is on a person's personal emotional relationship with a remnant from his childhood, which has lasted since the artist was born: "BÄRI - my only best friend".

*Bernese dialect for little bear

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