Automated Digital Photo Collages

I am interested in the seams that arise when combining images algorithmically instead of by hand. The decisions the algorithms come to are different and strange things are included in the image that a human would not decide to include. Where the incongruities arise, there are interesting new forms created, natural to the digital image.
Watch an ADPC being generated on youtube, 8min. The Automated Digital Photo Collage (ADPC) is an algorithm for creating a time-lapse collage. The ADPC compares a sequence of photographs, pixel by pixel, for areas of change. Pixel areas that are detected as different are layered on top in the image. Layering areas of its own choosing, the ADPC creates a decidedly nonhuman view, which intrigues with its logic and strange algorithmic humor. The ADPC echoes our human struggle to remember in this moment in the inception of digital augmentation. The familiar gaps parallel our own fragmented perceptions.

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