Mystic Visionary Art - Soulystic

My name is Atousa Raissyan and I am a Digital Artist. I have loved being an artist since I was a child but just like the little prince the grownups did not understand my art and said I needed training. So I stopped since what they were teaching me was not my art. Well it turns out the only training I needed was my intuition. My digital art forms by itself. When I start and artwork I don't know the end result and as I layer nature photos, manipulate them, add color the vision comes together with its message. Sometimes there is a bigger story and that is where the videos are created. My art and my healing and spiritual practice are intertwined. My art can be categorized as Mystic, Visionary, Spiritual, Shamanic art. I have always believed that digital art is the wave of the future, a natural progression of art on canvas. Digital world gives me more freedom to bring out my imagination into life, something that is not accomplished easily with paint and canvas.

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