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About this collection

ERC 721

The First exclusive collection of Atopia comprises 2,655 NFTs for baby stage.

Capturing poignant moments from main character Truman, carring a microchip implant which helps Atopia Community to shape Truman's actions by voting on chip instructions and see impact of human variables in AI domination.

We're welcoming more individuals onto the spaceship, venturing into AI and Web 3.0 through technology integrations, sharing sessions, collaborations with the eco-fashion industry, and other engaging formats. Explore here:

1.4% minted38 / 2,655
Altopia: Three Captivating Realms

Our mission is to envision and manifest a harmonious coexistence between Al and humanity, unlocking the transformative potential of Al while upholding the values of a utopian.

Nature Utopia: In Nature Utopia, we achieve a balanced integration of Al and environmental sustainability.

Culturat Village: Culturat Village celebrates human history, heritage, and cultural expressions.

Tech City: represents the pinnacle of technological advancement, showcasing the transformative potential of Al-driven innovation.

AI & Web 3.0 accessibility and amusement

Step aboard our spaceship for an engaging journey into AI & Web 3.0!

Storytelling: Observe and co-create Truman's growth story, exploring the human-AI relationship in Atopia's world.

Dive into simplified AI and Web 3.0 science educational articles and tools.

Integrate AI applications inside Atopia for NFT owners free access.

Engage in enlightening sharing sessions with industry experts.

Embark on cross-border collaborations with the eco-fashion sector.

Crafting Atopia's Truman Saga: A Collaborative Journey with the Community

Engage in daily voting as our community shapes Truman's journey by directing information to his chip. Witness the evolution of both Truman and the AI-controlled society, unveiling the intricate dance between human consciousness and AI. What's more, every vote determines the design of NFTs. Guided by the collective, the young prodigy Truman transforms into a dynamic, impactful, and self-aware force.

See Truman‘s story and vote here:

Knowledge Sharing - Education Blogs

Stay inspired within our community through frequent updates on our official website, featuring accessible articles about AI and Web3.0.

Explore pieces covering ChatGPT, Web3.0 insights, and recommended AI tools.

AI & Web3 Founders Events

The Atopia team has orchestrated insightful industry sharing seminars, featuring prominent figures from the AI and Web3 sectors.

Enthusiastic community members actively engaged, with Atopia founders and industry experts ardently addressing audience queries, all aimed at fostering a deeper industry understanding with our community.

Eco - Friendly 3D Fashion

Eco-Fashion: A novel trend in the fashion realm, leveraging AI to craft fashion items, revolutionizing trends with efficiency.

The Atopia project, in partnership with Eco-Fashion designer Lei Zhang, aims to employ this technology to spawn fashion traits within AI future city. The convergence of AI, Web 3.0, and the fashion industry heralds limitless creative potential.