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Arpeggi Genesis Studio Pass

The Arpeggi Genesis Studio Pass is the first ever fully on-chain non-generative music collection. For the first time, musicians can write their own compositions directly to the Ethereum blockchain. Full creative control. No third party storage. No middleman.

Only 600 Genesis Studio Passes will ever be created. 64 Passes will be held in the Arpeggi Creators Reserve, and will be given to artists and community members. 24 are held in the Developers Reserve for Arpeggi Labs team members.

Get started: Arpeggi Studio is the first ever on-chain music creation platform. Try it now at

The Arpeggi Studio Pass acts as your ticket to mint a fully on-chain song in Arpeggi Studio. Studio Pass holders simply click the “Mint” button, enter a Track Title and Artist Name, and receive an ‘Arpeggi Song’ NFT of their song directly to their wallet. The Studio Pass is consumed on mint.


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