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DIALOGUE: Around The World in 80 Portraits

DIALOGUE: Around the world in 80 portraits is an intimate photographic journey of travel told through individual stories. The collection's theme is around those searching for home. Following the eyes and words of Dylan Townsend, as he meets, discusses and captures portraits of moments around the world.

Dialogue is a discourse on 'finding home' as Townsend draws stories, poems and images from the people he encounters, creating a global dialogue of what is it to be human in 2021 and what home means to everyone.

Including images shot on film in 35mm; colour and Black and White, Townsend also includes a breadth of engagement, from celebrities, to siddhu's in India, to the market seller in Cuba, to the muse in California.

80/20 PARETO RULE. 20% of all proceeds go to community projects where the photos were taken.

Images are from over 30 countries worldwide and rarity built into the collection, with 30 of the 100 images including a written story or poem on the encounter and dialogue.


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