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ArneEvertsArts Collection

Arne Everts was born in Amsterdam in the year of 1982. He was the son of a graphic designer and as a young kid his father used the basement as his working space. It was filled with all the pre-computer age graphic designer goods a man could dream of. The back of the basement was a construction work place with all the hand tools at his disposal. One of his father’s rules was; you can use all my tools as long as you place them back where you found them.

Now we set sail on the opensea. If you like it, buy it and trade it or offer on it. Every collage is unique and can not be reproduced by me or any other. Any other mixed media is the work of a madman interpeting what he sees and feels in this world.

This digital collection will grow, some years I created more than others.

Be a part of it, own your rights to my work. We own it and you can print it on whatever you want and more?

Complaints or requests contact me.

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Jan 2022
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