Animated PunkBabies

A boutique collection of animated PunkBabies. Original artwork hand-drawn by 36changes and hand-animated by iamNAX.

A maximum of 391 unique Animated PunkBabies will ever be minted. Consisting of: - 300 OG PunkBabies animated on request by their parent - 90 All new Animated PunkBabies - featuring Fathers not included in the OG PunkBabies (Released in 9 drops of 10 - 3/9 released) - 1 Animated PunkBabyBot

Owners of OG PunkBabies can request to have their own PunkBaby animated and minted for a small fee. - Requests can be made via Twitter or Discord. - A maximum of 300 OG PunkBabies will be animated. - Each PunkBaby can only be minted once. - You MUST own the specific PunkBaby to mint the animated version of it. - Newly minted Animated PunkBabies will be sold by private OpenSea sale to the registered wallet address of the specific PunkBaby only. - As these are hand-animated on-demand there will be a delay between a request and the Animated PunkBaby being available for purchase.

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