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Angelo Gallo - 3D Sculpture Collection

RERFUGE is a calcography, sculptural and 3D project designed to be placed in three different environments.

The first project, the chalcographic one, was presented at Gallery 291 Est / Inc. in Rome during the solo show ANATOMIE FORZATE. A Live Print Session was devised and the etching on copper was printed in a run of 40 pieces.

The second project, the sculptural one, was created for a museum park in the Calabrian Sila or the MABOS, Museo d’Arte del Bosco della Sila. This work will be approximately 340 centimeters high and approximately 200×200 wide. It will be presented in June 2022 at the Museum of the Present and then permanently placed at the Mabos.

The third project, the 3D one, was created to become a work of Crypto Art. Modeled in 3D and exported as a gltf model, it is available in an edition of only 5 pieces on the well-known portal for NFT Opensea.

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