When I returned to Fine Art after some years as a designer (and making images and brands using a computer); using oil on canvas and charcoal on paper no longer made sense.

I use the lexicon of shapes and forms I developed at art school. A minimal set of marks that are as much to do with handwriting as drawing. The cross or X is a particular form that repeats. A cross can be a vote, a negative, a crossing out, a selection on a web form… A simple shape made of two strokes - one step apart the fundamental prehistoric human marks of handprint stencils found in the caves of South West France.

I’m not trying to replace painting or mimic painting, more like bringing painterly process to digital. Inevitably as with traditional painting, changing one element affects every single other element. I have several paintings on the go at the same time – they inform each other; themes emerge, elements evolve, obsessions become evident.

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