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Alchemy of Alignment

Alchemy of Alignment is a selection of award winning photos I've captured since I began shooting in the summer of 2018. After years of studying the figure as an art student, I entered the design industry and was completely separated from my roots and passion. In 2018 I left my job as lead concept artist for a circus in Las Vegas, bought a one way ticket to Iceland and a DSLR camera. That month long journey began what has been a rediscovery of my passion and galvanized my focus as an artist.

Throughout the journey, I've encountered a repeated experience, a trance-like state and astonishing synchronicity. Much like Cartier-Bresson's Decisive Moment, the crux of my art is revealed during moments of what I call Alignment. Nature, the muse, and my artistic choices reach a nexus, a crossroads where the image is born. I call this the Alchemy of Alignment.

I'm producing a book with the best of these images, you can follow the project at

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