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AI Machine Art

Artificial Intelligence Machine Art. What is it? Buy it and find out the answer. Images are created based on a short text description, the Neural Network generates bright and colorful images on a wide variety. The model understands an extensive set of concepts and generates completely new images and objects that did not exist in the real world.

All images for NFT tokens are constructed using the DALL-E neural network. Our goal is to create a "multimodal" neural network that learns concepts in multiple modalities, primarily text and visual, to better understand the world. Transformer is taught to autoregressively model text and image tokens as a single data stream. To learn how to render images, the model was trained on a Christofari cluster for 37 days on 512 TESLA V100 GPUs and then another 11 days on 128 GPUs - a total of 20352 GPU-days.

All proceeds from the sale of NFT tokens will go towards the development of neural networks and artificial intelligence for various applications.

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