Genesis Series: Dr 'Lee' x Angelo Galasso

The collection is a collaboration between acclaimed digital artist 'Dr Lee' from and high-end Luxury Fashion Designer Angelo Galasso. The limited-edition NFT comes with an exclusive handmade luxury accessory crafted by artisans in Italy featuring a crypto motif.

As featured in GQ magazine

An element of the fees raised from this collection will go to an environmental charity.

The Genesis Collection will be restricted to no more than 24 NFTs in total.

5 x NFT plus AG City Backpack

7 x NFT plus AG Crypto Credit Card Wallet

12 x NFT plus AG Key / Cold Storage Ring

The physical items will be sent free of charge to any location worldwide, or it can be picked up at the Angelo Galasso, Knightsbridge store in London.

Gas costs for the purchase of the NFT will also be refunded to you.

Full redemption and gas refund instructions will be revealed once the NFT has been purchased.