After A Collapse

25% of original NFT sales will be donated to a vetted and local Nepalese non-profit.

In 2006, I traveled to Nepal to work with a humanitarian news organization to document the collapse of the Nepalese government after a decade-long Maoist rebellion. I looked closely at and documented the various security demographics which led to instability and eventual conflict. Nepal is a beautiful country and my time there was beautiful, challenging and eye-opening. This work was funded in part by a UNC Class of 1938 Fellowship and took place during the summer of 2006.

I created these images with some of the early generation digital cameras and a film camera, so some of the images contain the natural grain created from both of those formats. I utilized Genuine Fractals to upsize them and used a high contrast editing format in post-production for the fine art version of this collection.

25% of each NFT sale will be donated to a vetted non-profit supporting those in need in Nepal.

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