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AEYER by Sebastian Markiewicz

About this collection

The AEYER Collection is a modern odyssey into the art and allure of vision.

Crafted by Sebastian Markiewicz of CompatibleCreative, AEYER delves deep into the symbolic significance of the 'eye', journeying across histories, species, and digital dimensions.

This collection fuses art and technology, celebrating the profound symbolism of the eye with digital sculptures that marry the ancient with the avant-garde.

90.7% minted302 / 333
DNA Sequencing: The Multifaceted Tapestry of AEYER's Artistry


At AEYER, DNA Sequencing goes beyond the molecular strands of life. Instead, it delves into the unique combination of attributes shaping each artwork's essence. This sequencing captures the blend of themes, forms, textures, colors, and luminosity, presenting a fascinating map of artistic genes.


Inherited Attributes: An artwork in AEYER isn't confined to a single narrative. It might wear the vibrant cloak of the 'Alien' theme while adorned with ancient gold hints. This attribute inheritance enriches the art, making each piece a multidimensional story.

Counting Sequences:

The DNA 'S' value is an indicator of the number of attributes an artwork holds. With the potential to resonate across multiple themes and characteristics, it's no wonder that some artworks share similar DNA numbers.

Hybrid Aesthetics:

The fluid boundaries between themes and attributes encourage hybrid aesthetics. These artworks don't just fit neatly into boxes; they blur lines and challenge conventions, echoing AEYER's avant-garde spirit.

A Tapestry of Similarities:

While every NFT possesses its unique ID, the DNA sequencing showcases shared strands of creativity. Multiple artworks might mirror each other in their DNA numbers, forming categories that highlight shared inspirations and artistic leanings.

Concluding Note:

In the intricate tapestry of AEYER's collection, DNA Sequencing serves as a guiding thread. It's not just about categorization; it's about celebrating the shared and unique, the overlaps and the distinct, in a dance of digital artistry.

Alchemy: The Arcane Dance of Digital Transformation

Alchemy is not merely about mystical processes or esoteric formulas—it's a profound dance of elements yearning for perfection. Here, the 'eye' is not just observing; it becomes an instrument in the arcane art of transmutation.

Delve deep into these artworks, where beneath the muted surface beats an old heart, echoing with ancient wisdom and whispered secrets of a bygone age.

Alien: Glimpses Beyond the Terrestrial Veil

In the Alien realm, we are transported beyond the familiar horizons of our blue planet, into the vast expanse of cosmic mysteries. The 'eye' here doesn’t just see—it experiences worlds and dimensions yet unknown.

Navigating the balance between darkness and vibrant bursts of color, each image offers a unique window into what might lie beyond our earthly perceptions.

Anatomy: The Artistic Essence of Vision's Design

The Anatomy theme is an ode to the marvels of biological architecture. Beneath what meets the eye lies a symphony of structures, cells, and vessels, working in harmony.

This series isn't just an exploration; it's a celebration of the 'eye'—a testament to nature's prowess and the intricate beauty of vision that we often take for granted.

Ancient: Echoes of Time Through Gilded Gazes

Journeying through the Ancient theme is like traversing time itself, revisiting epochs where the 'eye' was a symbol of divine power, protection, and prophecy.

Each artwork is a tale, narrating stories of realms where vision was revered, adorned with gold and precious metals, echoing the timeless significance and sacredness of sight.

Aurora: The Enchanted Ballet of Celestial Hues

Inspired by the celestial ballet of lights in polar skies, the Aurora theme bathes the 'eye' in mesmerizing hues, turning it into a canvas for the universe's grand show.

Each image is a symphony of colors, invoking awe and wonder, a luminous testament to nature's grandeur and the enchanting dance of light that sparks dreams and fuels creativity.

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