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"A Queer Life" by David Cash & Tyler Ribchester

David Cash Presents their Genesis NFT Drop in a very Queer Digital Art Collection. These three pieces, "EAT," "WERK," and "RELAX" feature mundane aspects of life in heightened, art-directed vignettes. Each "3D Photograph" (gif) is entirely unique, one of which consists of 2 images, one of 3, and one of a video of the photograph animated in motion with sound. The pieces are a collaboration between Cash and their long-time partner Tyler Ribchester and feature queer protagonists in subtle ways, as the three glamorous characters go about aspects of their daily lives: Eating, working, and “relaxing” after a long day. Playing into elements of consumerism, DeFi, cannabis culture, pop art, dada, and queerness; these pieces would fit perfectly in both the physical and virtual collections of many.

The goal of this collection is to make a mark in the NFT space highlighting queer people doing normal things in heightened photographic circumstances because we are just like everyone else!


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