❤❤❤Welcome everybody, who interested creativity and interested to decorate this world and to make him more beautiful!❤❤❤

My name is Aksana (5Ksana) and I am CryptoART&HandMade Artist! In his artistic work, I use the art of rotating line.The basis of my art is a line - a continuous sign that stretches from one point to another.The rotating lines help define movement, direction and energy in my artwork. My style is characterized by a curved line used to form abstract patterns such as spirals, circles, swirls and S-shapes, as well as to define a person's facial features. Straight line and right angle are practically absent in both abstract and anthropomorphic types of artwork!

CryptoART is often confused with technical skill and craving for beauty, while only two criteria are important in it - ideas and emotions.

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