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#365LoveNotesToSelf 2022

What is art? WHERE is art? Though versions of these images may exist elsewhere, the REAL artwork here is the one that has any “value” to be bought or sold. That one only exists here on OpenSea. Yes, the IMAGE is free & can be shared for nothing on Instagram but here at least, the ARTWORK has its own intrinsic value (because each is 1:1, unique, original, just like me). And only those with cryptocurrency to spare can own one of these. But! The original drawings are NOT & never will be viewable nor for sale (bar one, 8/365 exhibited at Tate Modern, April 2022). Here, I, the artist, assert full control over the artwork & only I can say what's art, for sale, what someone else can own. Even if the currency by which each artwork can be bought & sold is a complete mystery to me…

Here, art feels a lot like love. No one can actually see love, yet no one contests its value. No one can say love isn’t real, that it doesn’t exist. And people give it, share it, exchange love with others every day.

Apr 2022
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