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35 on 35 by @mrjonkane

35 moments captured on 35mm slide film in 2003 throughout Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala & Nicaragua. Single Edition 1/1's at Ξ0.35 this Thursday 9th 2.30pm EST

Over the years I've taken thousands of digital images but there is a tangible rarity to film, a nostalgia to the aesthetic that is hard to put your finger on. As a kid I would spend hours going through old film prints and holding up negatives from my parents teenage adventures to the sun. My 5yo now does the same and she's helped me curate these for you.

Captured in B&W and Kodak Ektachrome or Fuji Velvia with an old 1970's Nikon FM2 gifted to me by my first mentor in photography when I left Scotland to return home to New Zealand. Mick was an old school cinematographer who's eye sight was failing him and he's now sadly passed. He'd taken this camera into war zones in his early years as a photo journalist. Much like Mick, this is a camera that has stories to tell.

This is a tribute to my parents, to my daughter and to Mick.

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