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GreenBoy is the first retro game studio that fully lives in the blockchain! We’re Dana and Jona and in our spare time we create games for good old Game Boy. If only this was not weird enough, we sell them via unique NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens), for those few people out there who understand. Besides being super cute, our NFTs represent also the ownership of a phisical copy of the game (which you will receive at home). We also call for the community to participate through special NFTs, that grant their holders the right to introduce certain in-game features inside our games. In a world where videogames are increasingly similar to reality itself, we praise the old-fashioned games. Few devs remain still pure. We are the Resistance. NFTs are the perfect way to foster and promote this unique craftmanship, making it sustainable for the devs in the long run. This is just the beginning! Follow us on Twitter and join the Discord server to know more!
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