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The Working Dead

About this collection

ERC 721

The Working Dead skulls have given their lives, literally, to the hustle. Grinding themselves to the bone. However, the future beckons and a new world order rises.

The A.I. Bots are coming... This will be the war to decide the future. Will the working dead triumph? Will the Bots crush the skulls? Will they learn to work together and bring about a harmonious future?

The Working Dead: Bot Wars project is a social commentary and an experiment. The battlefield is level, made of 5,000 randomly generated Skulls and 5,000 randomly generated Bots. The question is who will come out on top, who's floor will hold the strongest? To the winner go the spoils.

Choose your side!

Items minted10,000

"Our mission is to create the next generation of blockchain-enabled learning platforms."

By using new technologies we believe that it’s possible to unlock a whole new paradigm of incentives that will reward both learners and creators in a fair way. We call this Learn And Earn.

We want to provide a solution that will be one of the first web3 stepping stones to help induce healthy daily learning habits.

The platform will help our community set goals, learn valuable skills, and in the future potentially open new opportunities in the web3 or digital space.


Striving to break the distinction between custom and generative art, we programmed a custom generator from the ground up to handle specific aspects of the traditional art craft.

Curated palettes, drop shadows, glows, reflected light all work together to create harmonious, unique, and vibrant imagery. Our generator was painstakingly created to allow these elements to be applied to our art to craft a collection that pulses with pun intended.

$WORK token to fuel our mission

The $WORK token is the backbone behind the whole Working Dead ecosystem. It will be heavily integrated into the Worked. platform and all future plans we have in the pipeline.

We believe in the strength of delivering value to our community and building a long-lasting product. A product in the form of a learning platform, tailored specifically to web3 topics and NFT audiences. A learning platform that will empower individuals and communities to learn new skills, share their knowledge within our community, and at the same time provide a unique monetization model for content creators.

What have we already done?

So far, we've already established a solid community of both content creators and content consumers.

In addition, we've already provided native staking of our NFTs, earning $WORK on a daily basis for all of our holders.

The learning platform is currently in development phase and we are keeping our community in the loop with the process.

What are we aiming for next?

Within our community, we felt a strong need to expand our reach to a broader audience. Therefore we have decided to also support the Ethereum community. The platform will be accessible from MetaMask or Cardano wallet for holders of an NFT from The Working Dead eco-system.

This will boost the available content on our platform, as well as allowing our platform to grow at an elevated pace.