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The 10k collection: Pass

About this collection

Experience the world of fine art with NFA.Space’s exclusive Pass. This 10k collection grants you access to a network of esteemed contemporary art collectors. aspires to become the epitome of Web 3.0 art collections, embracing the principles of equal opportunities for talented artists worldwide and ensuring transparent authorship through blockchain technology.

Envision an NFT with enduring value for over a century, mirroring the legacy of genuine and tangible art. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in an eternal realm of boundless beauty.

Unlike generative collections or PFPs, our 10k collection proudly sets itself apart by transferring real art value to the digital and blockchain world.

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the NFT landscape by leveraging the true potential of blockchain technology—its original purpose. Through this approach, each NFT becomes an irreplaceable masterpiece, translating the essence of real art into the realm of digital and blockchain domains.

Items minted1,000
1,000 pieces by 350 artists

The 10k collection was created by artists from 65 countries all over the world. Each artist is a whole world in and of themselves, each with unique talents and a story to tell.

At the core of our mission lies our unwavering commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship with our artists. We embrace the privilege of collaborating with these visionary creators, immersing ourselves in their extraordinary creative energy.

Together, we embark on a journey of perpetual growth, driven by the common purpose of uplifting the artistic landscape for the collective betterment.

This is what makes us different idea

Today we are pioneers in regulating and combining the two essences of art. acts as a link between the digital copy (NFT) and the physical original, providing a new experience in understanding and selling fine art.

We believe that:

• Technology and digital platforms have lowered the barriers to entry, enabling a broader range of individuals to become collectors and engage with the art world in a more accessible and inclusive manner.

• Art should be celebrated for its ability to evoke emotions and create meaningful connections, rather than being judged solely on objective conditions.

• The fusion of fine art and NFT technology presents an exciting opportunity for the art world. It opens up new avenues for creativity, engagement, and exploration, allowing art to enter a transformative phase in its millennia-long journey of development and evolution.

• Art is a deeply personal experience, and everyone has their own unique connection with different pieces.

• Every person on our planet deserves the opportunity to surround themselves with vibrant and living pictures, enhancing their spaces with meaningful and inspiring artwork that reflects their unique identities.

What does it mean to own the 10k collection PASS?

This system is designed to enhance the auction experience, adding an element of exclusivity and uniqueness.

By owning the pass, individuals confirm their rights and eligibility to participate in specific events or sales.


• Access to the closed auctions of fine art

• Generating the invitation cards to the closed auctions

• Holding your own auctions

• Reselling NFTs from your own collection

• Cashback for art purchases

• Participation in a closed community of collectors & artists

• Access to additional services (shipping, insurance, rent, etc.)