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Hands, by King Overman

About this collection

ERC 721

We are excited to present ‘Hands’, a collection by British artist King Overman.  It is based on his viral series of paintings, featuring the life-size hands of Basketball legends. 

King Overman’s art has amassed tens of millions of views on Tiktok, and is collected by renowned NBA stars and cultural icons alike. See the original Tiktok video here.

The drop is a collaboration with Sebastian Markiewicz of CompatibleCreative, who will provide technical and NFT expertise for this and all future King Overman projects.

'Hands' began as five artworks painted by King Overman onto 12" vinyl. This drop expands the project into animation and video, with records spinning and playing on turntables. Also the time-lapse videos featured on Tiktok are included, showing the art process from start to finish. Plus many new colour variations of the original artworks.

Additionally, music is provided by popular YouTuber DJ Furio, who adds his own authentic brand of 1990s style hip-hop.

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Meet the artist : King Overman

King Overman is a British artist who has had a rapid ascent to popularity. 

Active since 2021, his art received a huge boost one year later when legendary film-maker Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman, Malcolm X) acquired a number of his original paintings. This included a life-size 7 foot portrait of Knicks legend Patrick Ewing, which Spike talked about on his Instagram here.. From October 2023 to February 2024, you can see King Overman's art at Brooklyn Museum in the exhibition 'Spike Lee : Creative Sources'.

King Overman's art style is inspired by classical portraiture in photography and art, also the boldness and colour of street art. He is particularly interested in the fusion of art and Basketball. Prior to art, he was a DJ and music producer.    

Based in Manchester, King Overman is best known for his series 'Ballers', featuring huge life-size portraits of Basketball legends (examples above). In 2023, NBA legend Dominique Wilkins bought his own 6ft 8" portrait, painted onto a wooden cutout. Future NFT projects by King Overman will incorporate these massive portraits, including full size collectable prints.

Hands : In Detail


The 'Hands' collection began as five acrylic paintings on vinyl records, that were titled Mike, Giannis, Shaquille, Kawhi and Boban. For this drop, each artwork now has three further colour variations. Each one representing a specific Basketball team, making 20 still images in total. All these traits and more are listed with each NFT.

King Overman has also developed the artworks into a number of moving image formats included in this drop. Firstly as animated GIFs, with the records spinning rapidly (see carousel above for an example). Then also the following two styles are included :


Created just for this drop, these turntable videos are the original five artworks being spun on the artist's own turntable. King Overman is a lifelong vinyl collector and this is the portable deck he uses when out hunting for rare vinyl.

Each of the five NFT videos also features a unique music track by DJ Furio. He was chosen to soundtrack the project as his music fits perfectly with the music on King Overman's Tiktok channel, which features classic 90s Rap music and instrumentals.


Five different videos of the time-lapse footage from King Overman's Tiktok and Instagram. They show the entire painting process from start to finish, then ending with a real-life size comparison. The artwork opposite has currently had over 3 million views on Tiktok.

All the timelapse videos have added original music by DJ Furio, providing a unique soundtrack for each of the five artworks.

Holder Benefits & Future Plans
  • All participants in this drop will receive a free mint of an exclusive King Overman artwork.
  • Starting in late Q3, all holders will also receive regular complementary pieces of art to mint. This will include sketches, behind-the-scenes footage and one-off artworks.
  • Limited edition collectables, including life-size art prints, will be available exclusively to King Overman holders starting in Q4.
  • Participants of this drop will automatically be added to the whitelist for all future King Overman and CompatibleCreative drops.

By participating in this drop, you are becoming part of King Overman's artistic journey. While this drop is an adaptation of a physical art collection, his future projects will push further into the digital art realm. King Overman will continue to pursue his large scale art but will be creating work to exploit the possibilities of the Blockchain.