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KOREAN BIRDY BUDDY by Dongzadongwhi

About this collection

BIRDY BUDDY by Dongzadongwhi

From the mind of rising Korean art-star Dongzadonghwi emerges his signature character BIRD, an inhabitant of a wonderful and fantastical land of his own creation called “Sodong Sodong Land.” In this creative paradise, BIRD watches over all things with a giant eye full of compassion, and never shies away from his emotions. When he’s listening to a sad story, he may appear blue. When he’s excited, he may appear yellow. In Sodong Sodong land, shared friendship and understanding among inhabitants are everything, and no feelings are ignore. After all, how can you create if you can’t feel? And how can you be understood if you don’t express yourself?

These three NFTs contain a colorful cast of characters and emotions that are visually represented throughout the work, and each of the three NFTs represents an aspect of Sodong Sodong Land that we as humans can learn from. Each of the 3 animation works will be capped at only 100 editions.

  1. 1 SODONG SODONG交感(Sympathy)
  2. 2 SODONG SODONG共感(Empathy)
  3. 3 SODONG SODONG Wonderland

** If you mint 3 pieces at the same time, you will receive 3 different pieces

Holders who have all 3 animation works until 30 Sep(by midnight, EDT) will eligible to mint the forth artwork by Dongzadongwhi for free!

66% minted198 / 300

Strike a pose! On the surface, the frenetic characters and colors who inhabit Korean artist Dongzadonghwi’s work are dramatic enough to turn heads in busy traffic. Yet, they are also in conversation with the patterns and images found in traditional Korean folklore, the kind of stories filled with hope that are so often told to boys and girls who cannot go to sleep at night. Given this context, the frequent motif of a bird is a fitting choice for an artist who approaches each work like a chapter in a bildungsroman, mixing equal parts childlike wonder with reckless teenage abandon to produce something that yearns to break free and take flight upon a global stage. Bird is Dongzadonghwi’s signature character, and appears in many works across mediums including sculptures, paintings, print, and now NFTs produced exclusively through OrangeHare.


DONGZADONGHWI’s thirst for color is only rivaled by his search for life’s meaning beyond mediums, from painting to sculpture and now NFTs in conjunction with OrangeHare. As a video artist since 2015, DONGZADONGHWI enjoys collaborating with musicians and his progression to the realm of web3 was a natural one. While actively participating in group and solo exhibitions over the past decade, DONGZADONGHWI formed a collective called ‘Sodong Plaza’ with fashion designer So Rihyun, and is actively participating in design work, creating art products, and running both fine art and playful children’s exhibitions centered around the characters of BIRDY BUDDY.

Artist's Note for BIRDY BUDDY

“I wanted to talk about friends and family who come together to care for each other in the good times and the bad. And with news of the world seeming to become more and more brutal everyday, it seems I dreamt of my own world, a land free from discrimination and hatred between others, a place that values relationships over all else and between all people, including both the small and large members of society. I called this place “Sodong Sodong Land,” and it’s the place where BIRD and friends has chosen to settle down.

But even in the most perfect of places, there comes a time in all our lives where deep sadness, despair, and desperation overwhelm us. BIRD is not afraid to express these emotions as he fragments and shifts between various colors and shapes, because in the end, he reaches a state of warm harmony with those he surrounds himself with. In Sodong Sodong Land, BIRD is safe in the empathy and sympathy of others and comfortable knowing that he is free to express his emotions without judgment. Of course, there is no perfect place in the world, but despite it all, how we treat each other is important.

LET'S PLAY Art Exhibit: BIRDY BUDDY – The Color of Emotion: The Story of BIRD and Friends By Sodong Plaza

BIRDY BUDDY collection is animation works in connection with the illustration series BIRDY BUDDY, which is specially produced for the special exhibition LET'S PLAY ART exhibition for children at Hangaram Museum of Art, Seoul Arts Center, from July 22 to August 20, 2023. Based on illustration series for this exhibit, the BIRDY BUDDY animated work produced by DONGZADONGHWI is a fairy tale that comforts adults who show greater comfort and safety while driving the pain, sadness, and absurdities of reality to the extreme.

1 SODONG SODONG 交感(Sympathy)

BIRD is bursting with colors and emotions. I think we grow when we don't force ourselves to ‘look cool’ and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to others. It gives us strength and encourages others to do the same. With this work, I hope you can sympathize with BIRD’s candid expressions through his various color changes and emotional states of being.

1920x1080 mp4 19sec, Loop Animation, Music:Woogie-D

2 SODONG SODONG共感(Empathy)

When we reach out to others to be comforted, we also share our hearts with them- and them with us. With this work, BIRD is joined by his LIPBIRD friend who keeps him company. They seem to be saying, “It’s okay to cry when you’re sad, you don’t have to be afraid of it. We’re here with you.”

1920x1080 mp4 15sec, Loop Animation, Music:Woogie-D


After the long rain has stopped, friends begin to gather one by one in Sodong Sodong Village. In this place full of laughter, BIRD changes color according to his emotion, SCARECROW silently does his work, LIPBIRD tells the stories of other friends and times long past, FLOVER spreads their love, and DUN-DUN and I-KNOW all gather together to appreciate the magnificent landscape of Sodong Sodong Land, and the harmony of all its inhabitants. Together with BIRD, they have all come together to share their time, energy, and emotions with one another, and make meaningful memories in each other’s presence.

2160x1080 mp4 30sec, Loop Animation, Music:Woogie-D

BIRD and Friends
  1. BIRD: BIRD changes color according to emotions, such as blue when sad and yellow when energetic. In the Sodong sodong land, they are comforted by friends around them, mourn together, and share emotional sympathy and empathy.

  2. LIPBIRD: Shaped like lips, is constantly talking to its surroundings. Always bright regardless of the situation. Sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes it's a big help..

  3. I-KNOW: There are several I-KNOWs that firmly support the SCARECROW, and give strength to the SCARECROW so that it can stand upright.

  4. SCARECROW: Instead of being a SCARECROW chasing birds, in order to keep the happiness of the commotion land, he works in one place, silently, with the same attitude, and protects his friends. For the immovable SCARECROW, friends always gather around the scarecrow.

  5. FLOVER: Flover with a heart-shaped hand conveys complete love, embraces the Sodong sodong land, and gives peace of mind with love to friends around you.

  6. DUN-DUN: It is a member of nature and sometimes becomes a mountain or air and also can be called a fairy. It is called DUN-DUN because it is made dull.