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YELLOW painting fragments collection by Jean Boghossian

Objects that Boghossian has attacked through the flame include canvas, paper, books, and plastics, at times leaving behind patterns of perforation. In his paintings and drawings, Boghossian uses different multimedia including watercolor, charcoal, oil, pigments, and acrylic paint with techniques that include folding, collage, and uprooting.

Boghossian’s sculptures range from wood, polystyrene, clay, marble, and bronze, some of which he also tickles with the flame.It is through the process of willful damage with an invasive and rather violent method (fire), that Boghossian continuously searches for harmony. Conscious that one will never completely tame the chaotic movement of flames and smoke, he enters the fire dance and moves along with the blaze until he chooses to stop the process. This is where he feels the right balance has been reached.

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Nov 2022
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