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The Cryptomasks Project

The Cryptomasks is a collection of 555 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain created by The Cryptomath. Each Cryptomasks is uniquely generated from 24 different rarity traits hand-drawn by 8th Project.

Monthly Airdrops for holders! The backgrounds will determine the ranks: Common gives you 1 chance per airdrop to win. Rare gives you 2 chances. Epic gives you 3 chances. Legendary gives you 5 chances. Mythic gives you 10 chances.

For each NFT of the collection there is a unique physical copy, signed by the artist with its certificate of authenticity on the blockchain. This copy can only be claimed once. To check if the physical copy of a Cryptomasks has already been claimed, you can click here and fill in the ID of the Cryptomasks (the claim period is in January of each year).

Visit for more details.

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May 2022
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