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Discover PUNK SCORE, a captivating NFT collection with cards representing the characters' identities. Immerse yourself in a world where social rating rules. Each card has four attributes: health, love, sociability, and wealth, determining the social score of each NFT.

PUNK SCORE cards offer a social rating from 4 to 100, with points from 0 to 25 for each attribute. They have five levels of rarity, adding a dimension of collection and valuation.

Our team is working on an innovative fusion system. Merge two NFTs to create a rarer card. This process burns the original NFTs and allows progression to a higher-level card.

Join this social and artistic adventure. PUNK SCORE NFTs become symbols of status. Explore our universe and aim for the highest levels of rarity!

Get ready to discover PUNK SCORE, where fusion, rarity, and social score create an unforgettable experience in NFTs.

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Jul 2023
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