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Championsheep NFT

Illustrious sheep on a mission to uplift your spirit, enrich your collection and save our planet. Passionately hand painted 1/1 collection. The herd is growing organically. When a new sheep is finished it will be shown here. All championsheep are sequentially numbered starting at 0001 to max 0432 pieces. When 432 pcs are painted the collection is complete.

Championsheep are funny collectible charms. Do not be like a sheep and follow all the others - be a championsheep, believe in yourself and you will find your own way what makes you happy.

The Championsheep is a collection of "The Mennies" a german cartoon artist who loves nature and web3.

The utility is less carbon in our atmosphere because 10% will be donated to the internationally working succow foundation which restores dried peatlands. Peatlands store more carbon than all forrest on our planet, but once they are dried it produces CO2 - please. learn more on my website:

Erstellt am
Jun 2022