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Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis

Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis is our founders collection that will allow a free minting when the full ZPF collection of 1326 NFTs is released. See website for details.

**Ownership of a Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis gives a FreakRoll Poker Sit-n-Go seat for real ETH.

Every time 10 new Freaks are purchased, on the 10th seat fill a Tournament will be added to our schedule pending legailty.*

1st place prize of each tournament table will be 10% of the total primary ETH of those 10 associated Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis.

Freaks can trade hands before tournaments. Owners of 10 scheduled to play on day of tournament will visit for their online tournament entry.*

Your Zombie Poker Freaks Genesis will be sat in the graphics banner and created in an NFT and as a printed poster merchandise.

Other perks include selecting a new trait to be added to our collection and private Discord chat channel where you can make recommendations and present new ideas.

*Visit Website

Nov 2021
Creator earnings